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    This was a fun day, driving for paint & passing a car dealer where our first Ford Sierra was standing in the window...I had to go in & take a picture.
    The first Sierra turned up & down on car design & many names were to end in 'ra', eg Supra, Vectra, Astra, but there was a problem with crosswinds sensitive. Letter was sent out from Ford: Come & get a frontwing + a small wing around the rear side window...& it helped. I changed several things, wider rims & tires, large rear wing, front was changed to completely closed. 1.6 engine was too dull & it was quickly changed to a 2.0, later to the last model GT with double overhead camshaft...I just loved the Sierra

    We looked around a bit at all the cars & shock, there was a Mondeo ST-Line, 180HP, 0-100: 8.6, rarely can I get my wife to got expensive, we took it home
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      Ford and Citroen (PSA) developed the engines together for a while, I love these engines.


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        Originally posted by Ferdi View Post
        Ford and Citroen (PSA) developed the engines together for a while, I love these engines.
        Look my Post #4 where I tell about 140-163HP. I was a little skeptical when I bought it, that engine was a mix. Now it soon rounds 250.000km & it still spins like new, but I also take care of it with again a mix of Ford/Castrol oil & only V-Power. I've only been up to 220 with it, but there was more.

        The new ST-Line is more what I like, it is stiffer. Have only been up to 200 with this one, yet.
        Because it is stiffer, it compensates that it only has 18"rims against my 19" on MK4.

        Maybe I should have it repainted for a NASCAR Ford Fusion (Mondeo in Europe)

        Edit: Oops, sometimes I buy/sell a little too fast, both cars are sold, but long wait for the new one (Mondeo ST Line 190HP)
        Ford is behind with orders & the new one will be built by July We were allowed to use MK4 until the new one arrives in Denmark

        Edit Update: The new one has just been built & new delivery date now says June 19th
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          A pix of my Crossle 30F in action during Sunday morning warmup at Shannonville in 1977. Later in the day, I won the feature by a car length over my chief rival, Rupert Bragg-Smith, to win the regional FF title. Heady days!

          PS: I'm finding the forum in all threads incredibly slow lately. It's a real challenge to open let alone post anything.


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            YEAH, finally our thread got a real race car Thx Doni & Grats
            ...whether it's: Something old, something new, something borrowed & something blue
            My dream has always been to have a real race car, but there has always been another thing that came eternal dream.
            In 3 weeks I hope I can show pictures of my new Mondeo. A little fun, this one is built in Spain. Have no idea where the engine is coming from.

            Yes Forum is a bit heavy (see Notice above) sorry, but needs a bit of a refresh. Right now it's running fine.


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              Mondeo ST-Line 190HP 8Speed

              The new one has arrived in Denmark & is at our Ford dealer. If everything goes as planned delivery Friday.

              Edit: Pics
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                Finally, after waiting for 4 I got it.
                It has all the extra equipment (except panoramic roof) + Ford says no to electric towbar on ST-Line (due to deffuser) but our Ford dealer could do a trick.
                The original ST-Line 18" rims have been replaced with mine 19", it got new 245/40/19 Dunlop SportMaxx RT2

                Only 1 thing went wrong from our order list, It should not have had the Mondeo emblem behind
                ...& a video of Towbar
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                  New car again...

                  ...maybe a 'little' used & a 'little' old.

                  Don't know what is going wrong in this time, but I fell for this horse-drawn carriage & no, I don't need horses, only for decoration
                  As you can see, I started painting it...but it was easier to paint cars in Photo Shop for GTL/GPL

                  My jack is not that high, so the trailer lifts up so the wheel can turn around, easier when painting.

                  Edit: Pic Update
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                    Honda Dax 125cc

                    A brain fade or fun? This one is not a genuine Honda Dax, but built under license by SkyTeam.

                    I have always been fascinated by the sound of this 4 stroke engine vs my PUCH MS50 & VZ50 in 1970/71 & this Dax was at our local's mine, engine is 125cc.
                    Amazing how people still look for this model, especially when my wife is sitting in the back.
                    Yes, a friend & I had a huge crash in 1974 on a new Honda 500 Four (really high speed & totally damaged) one thing I want to overcome.
                    Honda must have discovered the Dax is still popular, from this year they have started building it again.

                    Pics: My PUCH VZ50 1971 with chrome front fender from Suzuki & Honda Dax 2022
                    (As with my VZ50 & all my cars, my Dax must also have changed a bit & have got Dunlop, NGK Iridium, Castrol & maybe LED turn signals)

                    Edit: LED signals don't work perfekt ...but no problem with LED front light.
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                      Originally posted by Pelle_B View Post
                      My PUCH VZ50 1971 with chrome front fender
                      That's a cool piece of a motorcycle


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                        Originally posted by tim roedl View Post
                        That's a cool piece of a motorcycle
                        Drove very well & comfortably on long trips, had many experiences with it. It hurt to sell it when I got a car.
                        Was one of the first to get it when it came with an exhaust that looked like one from PUCH Maxi & everyone laughed: Why did you put a Maxi exhaust on?
                        Found a picture of what it looked like when I bought it, the picture is from an Olsen Gang movie & it could almost look like me with long hair & wide pants

                        A little funny story:
                        At the Ford dealer where I bought my car, I asked for fun...service on my Honda Dax? No problem.
                        Now it is both my Ford & Honda that get service at Ford.

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