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  • Breaking News: GPL4U Forum

    Hello to all of you with sad news

    Servage where we have been for 14 years may be over, I have not been satisfied for the last 5 years.
    Now I have become totally angry with them & said END. We may still have 10 days or more.

    Didn't think it was a problem because we have another web site ( - redirect to here) & was sure it came to run again.
    Yes, I got a huge shock with moving database, error...error ...error...ohhh impossible. PHP version here only goes back to 7.4.Right now...I don't know & I'm terribly sad.

    GTLDK will also die, a Forum that has been running since 2008, GPL4U from 2015.

    We are currently fighting a battle against time to get a new one up, but without a database all members will be lost + Post

    If everything goes wrong...Thanks for everything

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    3 days down...

    We are back the brand new GPL4U Forum

    We promised & carried on 24/7 (almost) regardless we went all the way down.
    Everything seemed totally hopeless with way too many errors.
    Now the database from our old one is inside a brand new Forum. 3 people have worked almost 24 hours a day.

    Errors & deficiencies:
    We are going to bed now, so not much testing done yet.
    The last Post in all Threads written after we took the database backup are missing & will never come back.
    Our own style in the old GPL4U doesn't work here, something we have to work on.


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      More than 3 months down...a huge disaster.

      Continued from 11/28/2022...yeah, what went wrong?
      When we went to bed - early morning - yes, everything was up and running.
      We checked when we got eyes again...DOWN???
      We were in shock, but yes...another PHP update had been added & we couldn't do anything.

      We worked in a panic with other Forums & with some we were close but never 100% ok with our database wanting to merge.
      That is: Members, Post...yes there were many errors.

      Finally we can say we are back, but our own Forum style has been lost.?
      Amazing when you think about all the problems we've been through, our own GPL4U Forum style is almost back & was a minor problem to everything else.
      Of course, it has cost hours of work & we hope you like it.
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        Error right now:

        Attached Files in all Post (We have them, but need to get them merged, maybe because we have changed domains)
        Edit:? (*Attached Files* Another thing that seems to be a success) ?
        The old is now dead (coming soon) & we are now running on
        Our GPL4U smilies. Edit: Close to
        Our nice old GPL4U Forum style is totally useless here, but we are working on something new.
        When written, it ends with a ? in Post ?
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          For example, YouTube videos can now be viewed in full screen in the Forum


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