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    This is just my first impression with switching from G27 to G923.

    On the G25/27 you had the same 2 Paddle Shifters on the steering wheel + 2 buttons on the G25 & 6 (Red) on the G27.
    These buttons were placed perfectly even the 6 on the G27, you always knew where they were even when you turned the steering wheel in turns. Especially when you come from G27, you've become dependent on these buttons for important things in the race.

    G923, quick to set up (remember to install Logitech G HUB software first & ready with USB in next step) & FF worked, ready to race.
    My first test with G923 was in WreckFest - here it must go wrong with a crash - but finding the extra buttons when you turn is a mess.

    Maybe I have to have a little patience, but before I start on GPL & especially in HIES with DG Patch where it is important to have extra buttons. Tried the Driving Shifter from G27 with more buttons & connected on doesn't work together.

    If we look at the Logitech PRO Racing Wheel, here the mess has been cleaned up & one more huge detail...4 Paddle Shifters.
    Unfortunately, the price is 'a little' too high where I want to be with & no dealers in Denmark, but it is definitely good.
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    Recently bought a G29, after my G25 wheel failed. I had to download a special Logitech G-Hub installer, for W7 64bit.

    Note that updating this program will lead to problems here, it locks up, so I do not update it. It works well. I only set 540 degrees rotation and disable centering spring. For the rest everything default. The buttons I simply set within GPL. No special profile.

    First couple of races did cost me a lot of efforts, being tensed up, to adjust to the new wheel and pedals. It was mostly the pedals that felt slightly different. With the new wheel the FF felt great, as the old wheel was a bit worn out and also had a bit of play in it. After two races I was comfy with it, and more relaxed again behind the wheel.

    And so far still unbeaten with it after 7 races