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GPL/G27 & Windows 10 Anniversary

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  • GPL/G27 & Windows 10 Anniversary

    Whatever I had read about there was something in Windows 10 'Anniversary' update I 'maybe' was installed anyway, because...I had to see if there was something good

    Shock #1:
    It took longer with this update than if you started with install Win10 on a new harddrive. One of the reasons, a 32GB USB was plugged into PC (had not seen it) but it should be investigated & possibly repaired before there could be continued...why ??? I pressed the reset button

    Finally finished & the first thing you'll notice a new cheeky detail when you 'log in'.
    Several things have changed when you press (Start)...& It starts really well, it seems fresh...once it has started up

    Shock #2 ...or perhaps the greatest laugh ever
    I came to think like the old days, you took the updates...afterwards you were looking for updates again, yes...there were updates to the updates
    Again a long update (Cumulative 1607) ...but hey, what writes: see Picture This is the first update where I fell off the couch in laughter.

    When you press Turn Off PC button is moved, but the fun...if you move the mouse over the button of pops a On/Off (on UK version you only see 'Power') which unfortunately is gone when you come in, turn On a PC is already turned up ... perhaps that's why it did not know about the PC was turned On or Off during the update

    (Maybe you're thinking: Old slow PC...well, Fatal1ty Gaming Z170 K6, i7 6700, DDR4 2x8GB Corsair 3000, Crucial MX300, GTX 1070 G1, Corsair TX650)

    Shock #3...This is really the biggest shock...nothing works
    GPL, G27, Pribluda & Creative Z
    Let's start the lightest, sound. For some reason, inside the 'Sound Blaster Blaster Control Panel', it's changed to 'Surround' & I could not hear my own car in GPL, perhaps because there is no center speaker on S730.
    G27 had again become a Driving Force (Help found in another thread here in GPL4U) but this time it did not work. Unfortunately the G27 was put into a USB 3.0 (but it worked before) & finally got to work again after the little tip from the video. This time PC reboot before it Works.
    Another shock, you think everything is good, NO. When you jump in the car in GPL, your left part the screen is fine...but the right is dark? Solution: Press F4 & F5
    Last thing, Pribluda v1.1.2.1. does not work & I have not found a solution yet (UPDATE)

    The weird...changed profile in the Logitech now for GT Legends, everything works as before, perfect

    Wish you good luck with Windows 10 Anniversary

    This was interesting, Direct3D7V2 gave before only about 20-22FPS & seemed perfect with OpenGLV2...but, now Works Direct3D7V2
    When you change from OpenGLV2 to Direct3D7V2 it changes your steering wheel in GPL: Steering Liniarity
    ...& it seems Pribluda is normal, not yet...only Sector Times & it's only: - - - nothing happens when you drive Maybe the problem is screen resolution.
    Picture of how it looks now in Pribluda

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    One step forward & one step back
    ...& as I said earlier, there are always updates...for updates, now Cumulative 3193494

    Finally, the expectation of a new graphics driver from nVIDIA (from 372.70 to 372.90) might be the solution, but no.
    On the other hand, here was very quiet after the new sound. Creative Z had now become a, PH-4 (NVIDIA High Definitio Audio)

    Here a little progress, got a new Pribluda (still now works keys (F4 & so on)...but nothing works on track.
    Button to Tyre temp is still a mystery with Direct3D7V2
    With OpenGLV2 I have only Tyre temp...but of course, not work & still need to use F4 & F5 to fix screen.


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      I did it again, this time on GPL4U server & same result
      ...but it's not Anniversary update destroying GPL (everything worked perfectly as before) it's afterwards, when installed Cumulative everything go wrong

      This install of Windows 10 is not an upgrade, but installed from DVD on a brand new hard drive.
      We have to wait for a new OpenGLV3 or Direct3D7V3


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        News: Cumulative 1607 Update

        ...but still not good news
        Today a new Cumulative 1607 (KB3194496)...still not solved the problem of Pribluda
        ...something good & something bad. This update does not change G27 to a Driving Force...but the sound disappears again.


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          I was lucky to find my old XP disk & GPL - unfortunately Win XP is destroyed & can't boot - but in Win10 I can obviously see the disk & pressed the GPL.exe, WOW...GPL started up & guess what I saw:
          *YEAH, I've seen Pribluda work in Windows 10/1607*
          Usually I run GPL in 1920x1080 & everything worked perfectly...until I jumped into the car. Had only GPL in the upper left side in maybe 400x400, but Pribluda worked with everything
          My old XP is of course without rd3d7v2.dll...this is where the problem is ???


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            Breaking News

            After a Windows 10 update yesterday, Pribluda is normal in GPL becomes a real Christmas this year???

            Tyre temp & sector times & more will be updated like in good old days

            Tested on oAo server with 60FPS & iGOR: Direct 3D v2 ...& GeForce 376.19


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              Logitech Software

              This problem affects perhaps only Danes, but if you always have downloaded from Logitech Danish side & you have problems pedals do not Work
              Scroll down & change the country for the UK before downloading.
              Yes, it sounds strange ...the link is similar, but it Works


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                G27 Oops

                There may be much worse things with G27 than Windows updates
                I would never have expected this

                Not Perfect

                Center capsule that keeps the Wheel...completely broken
                Why should I also drive GT Legends


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                  G27 Fix

                  Back to my broken G27 wheel, as I was close to just throwing out the window...but today I got an idea to be tested
                  The center capsule is totally broken, but still a little loose plastic around the 6 screws, that hold the steering wheel in the center. Steering wheel in place & out with the screws, but let the remaining loose platic remain. Find 6 slices that fit the size...& it works

                  Of course not so nice, but the wheel will be where it should be.

                  ... & why not replace Logitech with...Ford